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Law Of Attraction Workshop

This work shop is for any person wanting to learn and become more educated in what the law of attraction is?, how it works the way it does?, and are we responsible for our own state of affairs?, and if so how?. You will learn how to change your own personal law of attraction to have the desires that you do want. You will become learned with the term life is a mirror, whilst learning how that is relevant in your own life and circumstances.

You will learn how to be in control of your present and future through working with the law of attraction. You will also learn what particular blocks are holding you back. Furthermore you will be learning positive affirmations, autosuggestion, visualisation techniques. You will become aware of how your emotions communicate with the law of attraction and finally you will learn how to create a brand new you and reality which is in love, truth and harmony with yourself.

This workshop will give you the tools and knowledge needed for you to connect with yourself on another level whilst learning how to reinvent yourself, experiencing joy and happiness. If you are looking to improve and enhance your life with all the things you really want, then this will be very inspiring not to mention exciting because you will be involved with experiments that actually do work. Also snacks, beverages and refreshments provided.

Further Information


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4pm - 7pm




Astara`s home - 215 Lordswood Road, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 8QP

To book your place please call

0121 426 3734 - 07811 511 681

Please note: Once you have telephoned and placed your booking please return to this page to make your payment by clicking here. Also, please can all payments be made around 48 Hrs before sessions. Thank you.