8-1-18 - Hi I met Astara just before the new year so not long ago and it was the most amazing reading. Everything that was said has come true, faster then predicted. I am in shock and hence I will be needing another reading. Thank you so much you are amazing. M.K xxxxx

8-1-18 - Hi Astara it is Kelly, you were right the head teacher has confirmed he is reopening the investigation and personally interviewing everyone who gave statements as you predicted. I hope the truth now comes out as you predicted??? Thank you so much huni for all your love patients and support I will keep you posted xxxxx

21-12-17 - Astara you were so right I have met the dark haired lady and she is beautiful as you described and I can't believe how happy I am thank you for all of your patients and support as always. S. S X

19-12-17 - Astara I just wanted to let you know you were exactly right regarding my Ex the police were involved!!! P.

15-12-17 - Hello Astara I just had to let you know that what you kept seeing in my cards regarding danger around a baby came to pass. Thank god the baby was found and is ok it is a miracle. God bless you xxx J

5-12-17 - Thank you Astara for your massive support my earth angel throughout the last three years. You have helped me grow from a mouse to an amazing human being. God bless you always xxxx Jk

5-12-17 - Hi Astara just to let you know I am pregnant as predicted I found out 2 weeks ago. AMAZING !!! Suki xxxxx

4-12-17 - Thank you for today Astara. God you were bang on with what you were saying. Thank you once again. Jas

28-11-17 - Astara Just to let you know you were so right when you saw the river and water being significant. You also saw a foreign man involved. My dog was sadly found in the river by my house as you described and by the man you also described. Thank you so much I can now put him to rest xxxx Kath

27-11-17 - OMG Astara we have arrange to meet in the next couple of weeks and I am soo shocked he has opened up and said exactly what you said he would say. How the hell do you know this lol this is so crazy especially because he is the Air sign you have been predicting. I love you loads xxxx Aishah

25-11-17 - Hi Astara I just had to let you know that S**** had a huge gig working with the queen tribute band in london. You told him he would be laying in front of a big crowd and he was playing for 8000 people. Xxxx A

24-11-17 - Astara I am so excited and nervous I have met the man you have been predicting and we have been on several dates. I cannot believe how much I really like him. You are sooo accurate I will keep you updated huni. Sandeep xxxx

24-11-17 - Astara I cannot believe it you wee so right with regards to my new manager and us having a fall out, it actually happened and as predicted I stood my ground and he has now given me all the responsibility to run and organise all of the department. San xxxxx

21-11-17 - Hi Astara as predicted my sister J**** did get the job and she is soo happy. Thank you so much Sandeep

19-11-17 - Hello Astara I just wanted to say thank you for all the love and support you have given my family and you were so right James has had the all clear from the scans, there is no sign of any disease and the swelling has gone as you predicted. I have also and moved house exactly as you predicted. My mom has got back with her ex which you also predicted. Thank you so much for being there for us all. Lots of love Paige xxxx

15-11-17 - Astara I want to scream F*** my life as predicted I am pregnant. I want to scream at you lol because you always said this would happen. You have freaked me out to many times. You were the first person I told even before my husband!!!! I love you loads xxxxx Sharon

1-11-17 - Hello lovely Astara I have got the job as predicted and I am working with a lady on a very big wedding as also predicted. Your readings have given me so much faith in myself which I didn't always have. Thank you for all the love and support you have given me. I am now living my life the way I want to live without the need for acceptance especially regarding my family. God bless you, you are amazing Jen xxxxx

31-10-17 - Hello my lovely friend xxxx Well you know I love ticking off your messages, you told me the 31 st of October was profound. You connected with my mom in spirit ans she gave you 3 and a 1???? today the social workers made a decision about dad and I got a house to rent and I move in next Wednesday/Thursday. Once again you are amazing me not that I should be surprised at all with everything you say comes to light, but the ticking off I love. Love and hugs xxxx p.s Our lovely friend N bumped into his ex over the weekend as you predicted. Amazing xxxxx Jackie

23-10-17 - Hello Astara, thank you soo much for your email reading, I am actually in shock in how accurate you are in soo many things you have said. It actually brought tears to my eyes but I cannot thank you enough. The man you so accurately described in my life and the separation was my ex fiance who cheated on me. Wow!!!!

15-10-17 - Hi Astra I had a reading with you a couple of months, it was my first reading with you and what you said would happen over the next two months has started to happen. It was slow as you told me but you predicted the timing of Scorpio is when it would all start and come together. Well today is the first day of Scorpio and something so profound happened this morning that I had been waiting for. I am so glad I stumbled on you, thank you so much for everything so far. I will be back soon xxxx Sue

15-10-17 - Hi Astara I hope you are well. Just an update as promised and thank you soo soo much. The healing you gave me helped me so much. I noticed within 10 days a complete transformation within myself, I now sleep less, Amazing!!! Your an angel you really are and I never compliment unless I was truly sincere. Jas x

11-10-17 - Hi A just to let you know the break up has happened between me and my wife and I am now living in another house as you predicted. Thank you so much for all the support you have given me. When you told me twelve months ago I was completely devastated but now I am so much stronger and I know where I am going. Thank you. Will

10-10-17 - Hello Astara thank you so much for last night, very interesting chat. I woke up this morning to a message from L lol!!! bless you N

7-10-17 - Dam my ex R.. has just messaged me just now!!! your too scarily right lol thank you for everything. I have to say I absolutely love you xxx A

6-10-17 - Hello A thank you for my inspirational reading today. I always enjoy talking to you and I always come off the phone with a smile on my face. I will read up on what we discussed and be in touch. S xxxxx

5-10-17 - Hi A, this may sound silly to come back to tell you but you predicted something when I came to see you back in the summer, and at that time I didn't expect it but today it just happened!! your brill. Sim xxxx

5-10-17 - Hello Astara I was able to talk to her today for the first time in soo long. As predicted it went exactly as you said it would be. I just need to wait for the rest to unfold. Thank you so much Allan.

3-10-17 - Astara I am so happy I got the promotion just as you predicted today. Thank you. Amazing xxxx Hannah

2-10-17 - Hello huni... There is amazing and then there is super duper fabulous and that is you. You are too good! I am now talking to a younger man and I have also booked my hairdressing appointment for my hair to have layers and the colour red. Wow I cannot believe you knew and I could see my hair changing and the colour red! I will update you on the rest. Love , hugs good wishes and prayers for you Astara. Xxxxx Sal

27-9-17 - Hi Astara you were so right my daughter and ex did speak and exactly what you said happened. I am Amazed thank you.Steve

21-9-17 -  Hi Astara a quick update J did come to my house yesterday and they both want me to come back to work as you predicted!!! Jas xxxxx

26-9-17 - Hi Astara I started my new role today and I love it!! the universe is aligning finally. Thank you, you were always so right. Asha xxxxx

26-9-17 - Hey hun, update time.... I was offered two jobs as you predicted!! I have chosen the one with the most progressive opportunities. Thank you again for all your support, I am excited for my new role and more exciting changes, I just need my new man now lol. Xxx Ash

25-9-17 - Hiya hun just to update Y**** and I have a meeting on Friday at 11.am about the job. You are too good Aishah xxx

25-9-17 - Astara I have finally met the Air sign who has been in my reading for so long. This is amazing because I actually really like him I will keep you posted. Lots of love Aishah xxxxx

23-9-17 - Hi Astara after I spoke to you T was calling me and saying exactly what you said he would be saying. Wow thank you so much lovely for everything no doubt I will speak soon enough lol xxxxx

21-9-17 - Wow Astara everything you said was going to happen has happened. You have an amazing gift. Bless you and take care xxx Yas

19-9-18 - Hi Astara I just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading yesterday it made me feel so much better about everything. I don't know what I would do without you. I love you loads Babs xxxxx

18-9-17 - Thank you so much lovely, my time with you goes so quickly. You are totally gorgeous. Thank you for the spiritual advise too!! I often didn't want to be here so it was good to hear a few things that made complete sense. I will take your advise and please let me know when you are doing your workshops. Big hugs big love P xxxxx

18-9-17 - OMG Astara you were so right he did come back blaming me and kicking off and as predicted we did argue and he did block me again and then he was testing my sister as you also said. I was forewarned so thank you Astara xxxxx Am

16-9-17 - Well you no your always right but still it amazes me!! you told me someone would ask me out for dinner. You saw London connections and a book?? I was working business networking yesterday in London and an Author pilot a very wealthy successful guy asked me to dinner. I love confirmation it's all proof of the unknown out there. Xxxxx Jackie

10-9-17 - Hay huni I just wanted to say thank you for my reading, you were so right he is on holiday with her right now. He also messaged me as you predicted telling me he has made a mistake and wants me back!!! I just wanted to let you know that you really helped me In a time when I was feeling really low. You showed me what was going to happen. I feel so much better and so happy that everything you said was going to happen is actually happening within less then a week of talking to you. He also said that he wants to get a divorce already!!! You told me what he was going to say and word for word this happened. Thank you so much huni I honestly thank you xxxx D.

3-9-18 - Hi Astara what you said seems to be coming true. Went round to see R last night. I think I am falling for him so the other one could have a shock when he comes back as you predicted. Love and light xxx M

3-9-18 - OMG Astara thank you for the talking to you gave me. The water sign has come back as predicted and so my things are accurate. I just did not believe this was going to happen I am in shock.
Thank you Astara for everything xxxxx O.D

1-9-17 - Omg Astara so many things have happened within the last 4 weeks as you predicted. I am in such a good place within myself and meeting you has helped me in a way that has blown my mind. I am finding myself with your help and knowledge. You were also so right about my exams and results I got a really good grade which I am still in shock. I am so happy and shocked at the same time. Also I have met the Air sign lady as you described and walked away from fake friends!!!! Thank you for all the support and guidance you have given me. You don't know how much it means to me to have met you and experienced myself and my world, that I just didn't before meeting you. Your right I am getting really focused now and driven lol A.

30-8-18 - Hi huni just to let you know I had the interview and got the job on the spot as you predicted. You also said the woman would be lovely and she really was!!! Thank you for giving me the push I needed. I am soo excited thank you so much honey I don't know what I would do without you. Janine xxxxx

30-8-17 - Hi Astara I just want to let you know that he is moving in with me at the end of the year as you predicted. I never thought it was possible to be this happy as I was so confused and upset when I first came to see you. You are so accurate and spot on. I am looking forward to the rest unfolding. I am so grateful to have met you thank you xxxx

28-8-17 - Hi Astara just to let you know I did meet my ex and it was very emotional as predicted. But I came away feeling so much better. Your right I didn't want him even though he wanted to be back with me. Amazingly spooky OD xxxxx

27-8-17 - Hi Astara you were so right we did meet and I was cold towards her and I did say exactly what was needed. You were also right with her reaction and issues. I have walked away from her and I do feel better for standing in my own self worth. You were right about the game!!!
Thank you for always being there and giving me me the understanding to find me and heal myself. You make so much sense and that is why I listen to your recordings over and over. Steve

18-8-17 - Hello Dear I have to tell you that you have been spot on so far with so many things and the timings of events. You told me I would have a meeting within the next 2 weeks regarding my work and I did so I start sept I have just got to finalise the date. Thank you so much for all the spiritual support you have given me. I am so glad I found you huni.

14-8-17 - Hi Astara I have to tell you that I am going away with work as predicted which I am in complete shock. I am going away in 2 weeks and I am so excited. You were also right about my tattoo which you saw me having which still spooks me now. You described the tattoos I had and the ones I am going to have. You said when I have my next tattoo my life will be changing and guess what I had my tattoo 1 week ago. A lot of other things are also happening so I will need to see you again soon lol. Thank you for always being there for me. J XXX

12-8-17 - Hi Astara when I came to see you last you told me I would be fine with the court case and my job and to take a leap of faith. You was right how it all happened. I am in shock wow. It all went exactly as you said thank you so much for what you have done for me and my family. Xxxxx S

8-8-17 - Hello Astara I just wanted to let you know I am seriously freaking out with you. You told me you could see me with a little baby boy around 3-4 months old which I could not see at all lol. It turns around that I may have to take legal guardianship of my youngest nephew which you predicted. I am in shock I will keep you up dated. Thank you
C xxxxx

8-8-17 - Hello Astara I am blown away as you said it was going to happen it did even when I couldn't see it. Thank you so much for being there for me xxxx S

7-8-17 - Hi Astara you said something quite specific on our last reading which has happened. I don’t know how to feel about this lol. Also you picked up on my past in a way that know one ever has. You knew something so specific it was quite shocking as no one knew this. This came a such a wonderful relief to see your compassion. You brought through so many people in spirit that touched my heart. Thank you thank you xxxx CJ

7-8-17 - Astara I want to thank you for all of your patience and amazing insight. You would not believe it but he has been messaging me as you said exactly... spooky I am in complete shock about the turn around as you predicted and your right I have changed so much. You have helped me find my inner power and self worth. Thank you huni xxxxx R

1-8-17 - Hello lovely Astara I have to tell you that you are so amazing and never stop shocking me with your visions and insight. You were absolutely right about my son and his partner having the police involved but you also said he was going to get back with his ex and it has come as a shock because he has gone back to live with his ex and kid. Astara I am so pleased for him. Also another update me and D..... have bought the house and have moved away and we are in the best place. I am so happy. I cannot tell you how accurate you have been with me through all of my journey. I love you to bits and you are truly amazing. J.V xxxxx

28-7-17 - Hello Astara I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have given me. You are a very gifted lady and so accurate. You were right about me and the up and coming blow up with the situation. All has come out in the open thank god and yes I have had a few confrontations. However G and I are in a really lovely place and we are going away as predicted. I am in total shock with how much you knew and has come to pass already. You were spot on I will come back soon for another reading. Bless you Jasmin xxxxx

28-7-17 - Astara you were absolutely right I have had another house come through which you predicted so I am going for this one now. I am so excited thank you xxxx Sarah