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Psychic Readings  Questions & Answers

What is a Psychic Reading ?

Psychic Readings are a fundamental projection clearly defining your higher destiny and lower destiny path, which is consequential through the laws of cause and effect, Action, Reaction. Due to the laws of cause and effect projected within a person's psychic reading and the projected out coming predicted events, this can change, so therefore nothing is completely set in stone. The term we reap what we sow is very applicable.

It is important to note that a person's choices and decisions can alter a predictive reading for example, if a new career is showing in a person's reading and they are then given all the relevant information and time frames for this to happen, and the person just decides to sit back and hope that the career will find them whereby they don’t make any effort in this direction, you will ineffectively alter the time frames completely. A person is required to work with the psychic reading and use it as a guideline.

If you have been given advise and guidelines regarding a specific area and you choose to ignore the information pertaining in the psychic reading, you will have altered the reading and the predicted outcome. The purpose of having psychic readings are to see what is clearly showing for you and either work with it to ensure the successful out come or to prevent and diffuse a situation if there is negativity showing around you.

Having psychic readings will certainly give you a lot of insight into all areas of a person's life, especially your current situations. This can be a really positive and uplifting experience for any person seeking answers and direction. However, a person has to be willing to hear the truth of a situation, rather then only listening to what they want to hear.


What is the purpose and benefit of having psychic readings ?

Having psychic readings can be very beneficial and inspiring, as you will learn more about yourself and your circumstances which ultimately lead to the outcome in the future events. In all circumstances whether you are going through a particularly difficult time, a reading can provide answers and solutions which you were not aware of leading to a newfound clarity and understanding.

Having a reading puts a person in control of their life by at least knowing where they are and where they are heading, and if a person is not happy with the direction they are heading in, then they can make different decisions through making different choices, which are in more harmony. Having a psychic reading can give you the heads up of what to avoid whilst also advising what to go for.


How often should I have psychic readings?

I advise all of my clients to not have another reading unless predictive events have started to unfold. Every psychic is different, but for me personally I believe that events should unfold or at least begin to unfold before you are permitted to having further psychic tarot readings in the future. This is because you will pretty much keep getting the same information like a repetitive script which doesn’t enhance the client's life and also shows a lack of respect for what has initially being given. You can successfully work with your readings by allowing events to unfold then proceed to look for further insight.


Do I need to prepare for my psychic readings, and if so how should I prepare?

There is not a great deal of work one has to do to prepare for their future reading, however through my own personal experience it is very important to be in a place where you will not be disturbed, at least for the duration of the reading.

Limit the amount of distractions within your environment and background. But most important of all be in a relaxed positive mind set whilst being open and receptive to the information that's going to come through. You are not required to have specific questions in order to have a reading but if you do that's completely fine. Furthermore, its really important you are not bombarding me with over excessive questions, because the chances are you would have completely forgotten the original question being answered. From my own personal experience the most important and relevant information will be picked up on immediately and delivered to you.

You are only required to give your Name and D.O.B and you will be asked whether you would like a general reading or if you would like me to look at a specific area, being either your Health, Career and Work, or Love and Relationships.


What not to do during psychic readings.

Please don't divulge any information other than your name and D.O.B and what kind of a reading you are looking for, such as a general reading or looking at a specific area. it is really important that I make a clear connection with you immediately and therefore that is the only relevant information that is required, so please refrain from talking and just relax.

During the reading I will give you the opportunity to ask any relevant questions you may have regarding the information being received, as well as the opportunity to look further into specific areas of concern, giving you the most amount of information available for you.

What should I do now that I have had my psychic tarot reading, and what do I do with the information given?

The best advice I can give any person once they have had their psychic tarot reading, is to take on board what has been said and reflect on the information, because some of the information may not make a lot of sense when regarding future events, through a person's limited perceptions. A lot of my clients like to record the reading and have it at hand for future reference, and a lot of the time it makes more and more sense over time.

Take the best you can from what was said and I will give you the necessary tools to take away with you once the reading has finished. Its very important that you live your life as normal once the reading has happened and then generally events unfold quickly however, if you have decided that you are not going to live your life because of an awaited predicted event to happen, this will make you very miserable, confused and angry, and the chances are all other areas in your life will then be affected negatively. Don’t watch the paint dry!.

Can I make the predicted events happen quickly?

Do not under any circumstance try to force circumstances to change once you have had your psychic readings, the consequences are not pleasant and therefore you would be going against the advise from the reading and the outcome will never transpire the way you want, especially if you start meddling with it. Impatience is not going to help, it will lead to more frustration, and essentially is the result of the complete lack of trust a person has in their on life.

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