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Psychic Development

Psychic development is for anyone who wants to develop a deeper connection with themselves and source energy whist being attuned to higher vibrational frequencies. Psychic development is for any person wanting to develop Clairvoyance, Clairessence , Clairaudience abilities whether that being for their own personal use and spiritual development or for any person wanting to become professional in the psychic field of work.

Astara has a very unique teaching method which is tailored for each and every person on all levels of development. This is designed for taking a person through the beginning stages and therefore progressing to the advanced stages of psychic development. How far an individual wants to develop is completely up to the individual which can be taken at the persons own pace, essentially this is an amazing course of self-discovery.

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60 Min Session = £60.00

Please note: To secure your booking once confirmed by telephone, please make payment no later than one hour prior to your appointment. If payment is not received within the time scale, the appointment may be given to another client. Also please read the non-cancellation policy before making your booking. Please click here. Thank you