Testimonial  4

11/02/2014 - "Dear Astara, Hope you are well.I had to tell you this. Within 3 hours of our reading yesterday my ex-husband called about our daughter's 21st birthday present. I said I couldn't afford it at the moment (necklace that she wanted) and it would have to wait till next month, in a million years I wasn't expecting him to even contribute a penny towards it. well blow me down, he said "don't worry, I am going to pay for it (he gets it wholesale but it's still v expensive). You told me that my ex would be giving me money, which I reckon this is what you meant ".

" Amazing because as I said to you he NEVER has any money. Then you also mentioned a woman who I knew who I might fall out with. I never fall out with people and I was worried it would be a friend, but today, I saw someone I know through business and she behaved in a very untrustworthy way that upset me and now I am going to steer well clear of her, so I expect that was the woman you meant because I certainly want nothing to do with her any more so in effect we have fallen out as far as I am concerned ".

" Also, meant to say, in the previous couple of readings you mentioned that I would be getting a new car and I was not going to and was going to keep my car for another year but it seems that I am getting a new car. Thank you and I can't wait to tell you about all the other wonderful things you predicted happening!!! I'm visualizing like mad.!! "
Many thanks.   From Love C

28/01/2014 - " Hi Astara after my reading today I felt better about my future you to me stuff that only I new I hope that whatever I was told today comes true. To tell you the you truth i have had nothing but unhappiness my whole life i hope this will bring me some happiness. Thank You ". From Harb xx

30/8/2012 - " Thanks Astara for your reading just now (30/8/12). You put my mind at rest . All of your earlier readings have come out true too. Excellent, compassionate reader with a sense of humour. This lady is absolutely amazing! Shes so flowing so upbeat and so positive. She tunes in really well, has a great gift and gives soooo much information, Give her a ring you most definitely wont be disappointed "!   From Anon xxx

28/8/2013 - " Thank you so much Astara for the fantastic reading very insightful and spot on as usual.... I was so lucky to get through to you today and u gave me a clear/accurate insight with my situation...thank you so much....came of the phone feeling happy that i got the answers......a true angel a true star....love and light darling...
From Satty xxxxx " p.s let u no the next saga...watch this space... " xxxx

21/08/2013 - " Thank you so much for my reading and the previous 3 you have done for me this year - you always manage to strengthen my faith in myself and the universe as well as inspire me to keep pursuing my truth. Deep down I know everything you say is true because when you tune into me you are confirming what I have already been thinking all these months, it's just nice to have the additional guidance, support, perspective and encouragement ".   From Anon xx

19/08/2013 - " Hi Astara I have been meaning to give you a testimonial as a way of expressing my thanks and appreciation for the guidance, wisdom and compassion you have shown me in our readings. I also want to let people know that you are very gifted at what you do. Please feel free to share the below on your website or any of your marketing materials: "   From Anon x

07/08/2013 - " I have consciously been on my spiritual path since 2007 and in that time I have had a fair few readings by numerous psychics and intuitive`s however when I came across you in March this year I knew from my first reading that I have found the only psychic/spiritual counselor I will ever need to consult going forward. Being sensitive, intuitive and somewhat psychic myself I have high expectations from those who I approach for guidance, I guess you could say I'm hard to impress in this area ".

" Over the past 5 years you are the only person I have come across who can tune into me with such accuracy and deliver guidance that actually inspires the necessary action to materialise the positive changes you have predicted. Not only that but you have a solid understanding of Metaphysics and Spiritual principles which give weight to your guidance and predictions - basically you're not airy fairy like so many people who offer their "psychic gifts" to the public ".

" The breakthroughs you predicted are manifesting! The changes you predicted have been in line with my inner shifts which are allowing me to materialise wonderful things in my life - most recently a beautiful home in the middle of the woodlands and the extension of my part time job which is allowing me to focus on my business project and destiny. I am so excited for the next 12-24 months "! " You really are gifted and to anyone who may read this who is unsure of whether to book a reading with you, I encourage them to DO IT and can pretty much guarantee that they WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED. I am a forever loyal client of yours and look forward to speaking to you again when the occasion arises. Until then keep sharing your gifts and wisdom because you are helping to change lives " ! From Love Sal xx

06/08/2013 - " Hi Astara, Firstly, thank you for such wonderful readings today, I felt we were so highly connected I couldn't believe my luck with such a positive reading. As a reader myself it has taken a mighty long time to find someone of high standards to give me a reading that will blow me away. I am blown away and still trying to keep my feet on the ground lol. I hope that the people I see for this new business are touched by my readings/sessions/demonstrations as much as I was touched by your readings ".

" I don't read for my family/friends more than twice a year, that has always been my golden rule, so will be actively pushing people your way. I am going to be happy and peaceful when I go to bed this evening. Please see my website... I hope you enjoy reading and looking at the paintings, albeit a lot still need to be uploaded over this coming weekend. All the best for now and I@m sure I'll be booking you for another by January " xx www.psychicartspiritportraits.com From In love and light Anne-Marie

05/08/2013 - " Astara, you have a lovely energy, and I did feel you picked up on many aspects of my life and people around me, you're certainly tuned in, and the reading was very positive and motivating, I will come back in a few weeks to let you know the outcome, thanks ".   From Rae x Thank you!

07/06/2013 -  " I feel so comfortable with Astara--she is very talented, patient and very compassionate. A truly wonderful reader! Hopefully, my story she knows so well will end on a happier note "!   From H xx

06/06/2013 -HARD TO GET HOLD OF.....................THE BEST...........MWAH "  From S xx

01/06/2013 -Hi Astara, just a short email to say a BIG THANK you for your reading yesterday!!I am looking forward to all the things you told me that are coming my way 🙂 Wish you all the love ".   From  N.

25/05/2013 -Astara I just wanted to say thank you. Your a beautiful person inside and out and there's not many people like you out there. I am so lucky to have found you. Once again thank u hunny "   From  Anon x

16/05/2013 -Thank u so much for the reading only had 20mins today being that i've got a bit to do today, but i do usually have 40mins with Astara she's AMAZING I LOVE THIS LADY SHES AN ANGEL...........thank u so much with what u told me regarding u no who...........give u a call over the weekend huni if i'm lucky enough to get thru bcoz u get snapped up so quick ".....mwah From love & light Satty xxxxxxxxxxxx spot on always xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

09/05/2013 -Thank you Astara for the reading today 9th May. As always spot on you know my situation so well...time always goes so quick...40mins seem so less... love & light my darling " mwah Satty xxxx God Bless speak to you soon 😉   From  S x

04/05/2013 -Your readings are outstandingly so accurate I have never ever come across such a reader who has ever predicted such information I thank you so much for letting me in on the truth of my life " xxxx Thank you!   From  A.

22/04/2013 - " Thank you so much Astara for the reading today I had to call you twice you always answer all my questions and give me all my answers....I love are chats I value your friendship, guidance, advice and much, much more you’re a true Angel "....   From love & light mwah Anon x

18/04/2013 -I just had a lovely much needed reassuring reading. If this lady's predictions come true I will be buzzing and I will be back to let you know. Very good FAB "!!!!!!!!   From  Anon

17/01/2012 -Thank you for the reading today 17th Jan 2012, very insightful and you were so accurate with what you picked up on my situation...its a shame I only had 20mins next time will make sure I get more and talk for longer....I will keep you posted love and light "  From  S xxx

01/09/12 -My Reading with Astara was very uplifting. She explained every thing which I asked. She also predict regarding my lover that he will make contact with me in 2 weeks time period and assured me about my future with him. I feel very positive and happy after my reading with this accurate reader. I'll post again when her predictions come to pass (which i am sure it will) Thanks, Astara ". From  With Love.. K/N

12/07/2012 -Very impressed, Astara!! You gave me hope where I thought there was no more hope, and you lifted my spirits up. I have great things to look forward to and hope they come to pass "   From  Anon x

" I have just had a fantastic reading for future predictions, Just fingers crossed it happens like you said xxI cannot thank this lady enough for her consistent readings and picking me up when I hit my lowest ebb after doing something I should have done along time ago. Has such an amazing gift and I will be a client for life.One of the best readers I've ever come across.   From  Anon

" Astara delivers with such clarity and most importantly is very accurate. Very good at giving an in-depth reading and just getting to the bottom of things and letting you know how the other person is feeling. Beautiful and gifted reader   From  Anon xxx

" Thank you honey for the reading today 25th April.....you read my mind.....anyone out there who wants answers to anything regarding how someone’s feeling, what they’re thinking, the future just about anything give Astara a call a hard lady to get hold of but well worth it...she’s phenomenal, a true Angel...love & light mwah.....p.s I found a friend in you ",   From  SATTY xxxx GOD BLESS YOU

" Thank u so much for the reading u gave me today 26th May...as always spot on picked up on feelings/emotions & much more...love & light huni...   From Anon...p.s catch up soon mwah xxxx

 " Fantastic reading picked up on my situation straight away...would recommend Astara...just going to let things unfold and wait for the predictions to happen...will be back in touch to give you an update "..   From Love & light Anon xx

I would like to thank all of my clients from the bottom of my heart for all of the wonderful feedback given.

Very much appreciated. Love & Light  Astara xxxxxx