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Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is a 1 hour treatment which takes place within Astara`s home. This a very powerful treatment originating from Japan and has been practiced for many years .The basic principles of Reiki healing is working with chi light energy which is transferred from therapist to the client via the hands of the therapist either gently hovering over particular parts of your body or placing the hands directly on energy points .

Reiki healing works on the meridian line in the body whilst working on the seven energy bodies of the astral body as well as the physical body making this treatment exceptional for body mind and soul healing. Reiki Healing is for anybody of all ages and all health conditions such as the emotional conditions especially heart ache, physical conditions such as lethargy migraines and the more serious such as Cancer which has proven the most amazing results.

Reiki healing is a powerful cleansing, purifying treatment which removes negative energies making this a powerful protective treatment whilst being amazingly revitalizing. This treatment works on balancing the chakra’s which is essential for improving and maintaining perfect health and well-being. Generally a course of Reiki treatment is advised for optimum results.

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60 Min Session = £120.00