Testimonials 3

04/04/2016 - " Just want to say thank you for my reading, I feel it was spot on about me as a person , let's just hope the rest happens ay lol will deffo keep you posted. Thanks ". From N xx

02/04/2016 - " You said something really beautiful was going to happen by the end of march.. and just to let you know it has .. and its the most amazing thing. I have so much faith in my readings and you also kept telling me of a secret which was going to be revealed this has also happened !!! Shocking. God bless you Astara and thank you from the bottom of my heart " xxx. From J xxx

14/03/2016 - " I forgot to tell you he is born on Feb 19th which makes him Aquarius/Pisces cusp!.. Your amazing ". xx. From L - xx

09/03/2016 - " Thank you hun - Yes he`s been texting me a lot and think i will need another reading soon, you are so good cant believe how accurate - xxx - I cant believe how spot on your psychic readings are, even regarding their star signs. Your readings have kept me strong when i felt like giving up on dating. So thank you " -xx - From J -xx -

03/03/2016 - " Hi Astara, hope you are well, some of your predictions went right from yesterday's court hearing however, battle is still on but thank you for your accurate readings and advice ". From P x

21/02/2016 - " Hi Astara, Just wanted to tell you i spoke today to a new interest for over three hours the night i spoke to you. O he is a super fellow, Easy days of course, but watch this space. Thanks so much for being your wonderful self ". From L xx

16/02/2016 - " Thank you lovely. I appreciate your time and how easy it is to talk to you 🙂 I hope you find some time to rest ! Will definitely keep you updated ". From S xx

12/02/2016 - " Thank you so much Astara for your loving support. I feel better now, lots of love ". From M.H xx

08/02/2016 - " OMG I have just got to let you know you are so accurate with timing. The event happend last night ! " From Sxxxx

18/01/2016 - " Thank you Astara for your love help and support through my difficult times - you were right ! " From N xxx

06/01/2016 - " I should learn lol not to doubt you Astara because any problem you are always right ! .. you are an amazingly beautiful lady. Lots of love ". From K xx

31/12/2015 - " I am shocked again Astara. It happened just as you said, even the words that he would speak, exactly what you had said and predicted ". x From J X

22/12/2015 - " Thank you Astara for all your support. You are completely spot on with the timing regarding *****. Things are coming together as you predicted. Not once have you tried to get me back in. In fact you hold me at bay until events have happened. Thank you, you have an amazing gift.. and i trust you completely ". From R xxx

18/12/2015 - " Hi Astara, just to let you know that a cancerian " Come into my life " Just like you predicted and has rocked my world like you said ! It has been fed back to **** already !! " xx From S xxx

15/12/2015 - " Hun i cant explain how truly from the bottom of my heart it felt like when you said you would cleanse my house. If i am honest with you, those words will never leave my heart X Thank you Astara " X From J X

12/12/2015 - " You will always be with me in my heart and you have left an impression with me that i will always come back to you. You knew everything when i first came to you. 12 months on and everything you predicted has come to pass and exactly the time frames given. Spooky - Amazing and i am also engaged !!! " From T xxx

09/12/2015 - " I don't get to tell you this very often but i am so blessed and pleased you are in my life. I love you and you are my Angel ". xx From S xxx

04/12/2015 - " Thank you Astara for all your help and support. I don't know what i would have done without you. Lots of love ". From J xxx

02/12/2015 - " S***** thinks you are amazing !!!!! " xx From J X

28/11/2015 - " Thank you Astara .. Thank you !! Love you lots ". From S Xxxx

22/11/2015 - " You are the most accurate Psychic and the nicest i have met. Thank you for all your help ". From J xxx

12/11/2015 - " OMG !! He`s asked to meet me !! How accurate are you ". From Anon xxx

15/10/2015 - " Hi Astara just to let you know i had a phone call today. I have a job in place with the windows, full time. You were right starting December 4th ". Thanks From K xx

16/02/2015 - " I have always had well informed readings from Astara she is quick, straight to the point and so polite. I enjoy my sessions with her I have recommended her to friends and they have all used her more than once. Truly gifted lady. Thank you! " From J xx

14/02/2015 - " Hi Astara! I would like to thank you for an honest reading on 12.2.15. Really enjoyed the reading it all sounds too good to be true I will wait & see the outcome!! I have recommended family & friends to you. Best Wishes " From SK x

13/02/2015 - " Hi darling, Hope you are well. I have been meaning to write you a testimonial for a while now, and finally had a chance to breathe and write one today!! "

" Astara is a amazing woman in every way! She has guided me through my issues in great detail and covers all aspects..even the things that didn't cross my mind! She has been so amazing I have sent everyone I know in need of help and guidance to her! I have seen many psychics and clairvoyants in the past, and none of them have been as accurate, warm-hearted and spiritual as Astara. She is gorgeous lady inside and out and I wish her all the best from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you and much love. All my light and love ". From S xxx

12/02/2015 - " Hi Astara thanks for reading at beginning of February I have yet to see ur reading was accurate I will keep u posted ur special gifted beautiful soul inside and outside godbless " From A xx

12/02/2015 - " Dearest Astara, thank you so much for helping me clarify a few things in my life. Mainly to do with work. I have written my first cookbook and am looking for it to be published. With you amazing insight and guidance, I feel confident what get future holds for me, I have already recommend you to several friends. You have a warmth and energy that made me feel comfortable. I have been visualising and have placed several cosmic orders, which I now know will come to fruition. You said it was a 'timing thing' and you were right. I have planted the seeds and I now need to let them grow. You are a truly gifted person. Bless you, love and light ". From A very grateful P, x X x

07/02/2015 - " Hello Astara! Firstly thank you so much for getting back to me! It means a lot! I have read the email very carefully & I can't believe how spot on you have been with everything! I promise you I will follow your guidance & hope that what my heart desires comes true. I cannot explain how relieved I feel after reading this. Thank you once again my lovely! I will let you know how things go soon! " Take care. From R xxxx

28/12/2014 - " Before this year ends i need to know that you are special to me always !! But this year 2014 has been totally a horrible year and you have been there for me and proved our friendship relationship as i felt at my lowest through my bad times this year ! Thank you for being there thru all of the emotions , fears, tears etc. I value you, I value our friendship. Love you " x

" 2015 is going to be my year, Looking forward to so many things and sharing it with you my friend " xxxx From S xxxx

27/12/2014 - " Hi Astara, I just wanted to update you. You were right !!! again !! ***** asked if he could start to stay over ! I agreed and now he has moved back in ! We went for a scan yesterday and we have made it to 11 weeks. Wooohhhooooo. We have both got everything crossed that the next few weeks turn out positive and all stays well. Thank you so much for your help Astara. Wishing you and your family a fabulous christmas and all the best for 2015. See you in 2015 ". From Jo xxxx

10/11/2014 - " Hi Astara, Hope you are ok. Dont worry I don't expect a response, but just thought Id tell you that you were right !!.. Found out yesterday that I'm PREGNANT !!!!... Omg Omg " xx From Anon xx

13/07/2014 - " My readings with Astara was recommended to me a few months ago and since then I have had a total of three readings. Her readings so far have been exceptionally accurate. In one case she told me that I would receive news of a job via a lady and this came true about a week to 10 days later. It wasn't just a job it was an opportunity that had previously come to me but for some reason didn't happen. The recruitment consultant reproached me after being sent an email from the company. She was as surprised by this as me. She has also been accurate in terms of my love life predicting a meeting with someone and even giving his exact star sign. She is a very detailed reader and a lovely person and I would keep coming back to her every time ". From M x