Testimonials 2

27-7-17 - Hello Astara just another update as predicted my wife an I have had a few bust ups and it looks like we are splitting up as you predicted. The eruption happened last week and I am now not living in the house.
Thank you I will keep you posted A.

10-7-17 - Hello Astara I came to see you a couple of months ago and you predicted my mothers death which you prepared me for and you also saw me reconciling with her which I could not see. However after seeing you I decided to see her, and her health was In very poor condition as she was in hospital as you predicted. I finally made peace with my mother after many years of holding hurt and resentment towards her. Sadly she has now passed away and I was blessed enough to be with her when this happened. Thank you for everything you have done for me I am truly touched. You have given me faith again xx

16-6-17 - Omg Astara you were so spot on I did meet my ex in Jamaica which was not planned and it was emotional but I got to say everything what I wanted to say. You were also right that he would be emotional and want me back. You were also right about me meeting a water sign guy which I have. It is early days so lets see. You are amazing with how you know what you know. Lots of love O

13-7-17 - OMG after we last spoke you said it would happen again and this time he would be arrested and it has happened. I am mortified but I am so glad you gave me the heads up. You have taught me about myself worth. I can’t thank you enough huni god bless you xxxxx J

4-7-17 - Omg huni you were soo accurate again me and M... have broken up as predicted and the police have been involved as also predicted. You did say it was going to go this way. Thank you for guiding me once again.
Love and light J xxxxx

2-7-17 - Hi Astara just an update to let you know that I have broken with my partner as predicted and have been on my own for a couple of months however we do still talk. I hope the rest of the predictions come to pass. Thank you for helping me to understand more now then I did.
Sharon xxxxx

29-6-17 - Hi Astara I just had to let you know that you were so spot on with finding my dog and the location. You gave so much accurate information even down to the water where he was found by the foreign man you described. We are having a little funeral for him I am just glad he was found and he is at peace I could not rest not knowing where he was. Thank you and god bless you Kath xxxx

29-6-17 - Hello my special friend I just had to let you know how much I trust and appreciate you. I cannot hide anything from you as you know you picked up on something the last time I came to see you which was a secret!!! your love has touched me and I thank you for all that you have done for me. You really amaze me and you really got me looking at myself for the first time. Thank you so much xxx T

24-6-17 - Hello lovely I just have to tell you this you make me smile every time. You were so right when you kept seeing me going over sees at a particular time and I was just having non of it because I couldn't see it. I remember saying to you the last time I can't possibly go away because I have to renew my passport and your response was well if that is the case you will be taking a trip to the passport office lol. I have just come back from Paris with the fire sign which was so unexpected and as predicted I had to spend the day at the passport office lol you never stop amazing me. You are too good. Thank you for all your support huni xxxx Chantellle

18-6-17 - Hi Astara I had a reading from you the other day and I keep smiling how you brought my lovely mom through and especially the things she was saying. I can't believe she was showing you my living room and my new rug which you described!!! the funny bit was when you kept telling me she is showing you how she keeps lifting the rug up and tutting to what's underneath. I was rolling because there is a stain underneath the rug lol Thank you so much you keep me going. Lots of love J XXX

15-6-17 - Hi Astara I just have to let you know that you were right about the young guy in my reading possibly having problems with the police and drugs. The event has happened as predicted. I am in shock.B.

12-6-17 - Hi Astara I came to see you last week after being referred to you by my friend. I was so nervous about the reading but after everything you said I left feeling so much better. You confirmed a lot to me and gave me answers I was searching for. You also gave me confirmation and encouragement walking my path. I cannot believe how you knew so much about me and my past. You told me things no one really knew about. I will keep you updated but thank you soo much Angel xxxxx H.

1-6-17 - Astara my son came to see you with his girlfriend the other day and they were so impressed with the readings. You clever girl you brought through her mother which was amazing you really helped her a lot. I can't believe how you got Ben so spot on especially with his job and what he does. We were all listening to the recording you are amazing and thank you so much. A xxxxx

27-5-17 - Hi Astara omg you were so right the wedding was off but now it is back on... what a nightmare but you did say there was a kick off coming and you would have been so proud of me because I did not get involved and lose my head I remained calm. My friend was asking what the hell has happened to me because ordinarily I would have lost it. Thanks to your NLP I am seeing it for myself I am a different person. You amaze me my little angel. God bless you xxx J

21-5-17 - Hello Astara I came to see you 4 weeks ago and you predicted him coming back well he has and he has told me he wants to settle down with me and make it work. I am in shock.. Thank you for everything.
Charlotte xxxxx

16-4-17 - Astara K.P just asked me out for a drink!! OMG you are so accurate. Amazing thank you huni xxxxx Jan.

15-5-17 - Hi Astara well as predicted she has been in touch and we have met each other which I was so nervous about as you know. You were right she is pregnant!!! I just have to wait it out now. Thank you and god bless you always.N xx

10-5-17 - Hello Astara I came to see you a few weeks ago and you blew my mind with how much you picked up on. I had never had a reading before as I was recommended to come and see you. I am so glad I came to see you because so much made sense to me. Thank you so much A.

5-5-17 - Hi Astara you were right with so many things especially regarding moving into the new house with F.. it has all gone completely wrong and I have moved out as you predicted. I am heartbroken but through your understanding and guidance I am sorting myself out. I hope the rest unfolds soon enough. S.

5-5-17 - Hi Astara you were right with so many things especially regarding moving into the new house with F.. it has all gone completely wrong and I have moved out as you predicted. I am heartbroken but through your understanding and guidance I am sorting myself out. I hope the rest unfolds soon enough. S.

3-05-17 - Hello lovely Astara I just had to tell you because I am in complete shock. You kept telling me about the situation regarding ?? and that you could see something being wrong with the baby. Well I found out recently that there s in fact a problem with the baby and the baby has to have an operation very soon. Very sad but how scarily accurate are you??? xxx L

24-04-17 - Hi Astara you were right about the up and coming court case it went exactly as you predicted even to the point of telling me the court venue was going to change!!! I did not see it when you kept telling me we would go back to court but it happened. It was a victory as predicted. You have helped me so much I can not thank you enough and sorry for being a pain lol xxxx P

15-04-17 - Hi Astara I had to let you know your right, the girl next door is an Aries fire sign and the other girl is an Earth sign which you said Wow. I am meeting the fire sign in a few days, I will keep you updated.R.

8-04-17 - Astara I am in a state of shock... you told me my husband would offer me more money, well he has and it is quite a lot!!! It's not that I don't believe you, I just tick them off as they happen. I fell off my chair literally when he told me what he had done. Your once again amaze me. Mwaa god bless you xxxxx

7-04-17 - Hi hun he has got in contact today, god your good with your timings.
Love you xxxx S

02-3-17 - Hi Astara I just had to thank you for my healing the other evening, I am weight bearing now, and the Doctor's can't believe the quickness of the healing due to the extent of my injury. I was off my crutches the next day and walking. The Doctor's are amazed, they said it would take 3-4 weeks to be wear I am today. Thank you, god bless you my friend J xxxxx

21-03-17 - Hello my special friend just to give you confirmation as I love too. You were right I have up to July with my house and possibly longer and I have a new job as you said I would and it was a blonde haired lady who approached me as predicted. She will be opening up her business in the next few months. Thank you god bless you. J xxxx

20-03-17 - Astara I just needed to let you know you were so right again A did call an apologize. Thank you so much again as always.
Shayne xxxxx

15-3-17 - Hi Astara you were right again, thanks for giving me the heads up. Love and light. N x

02-03-17 - Astara you were right me and H.. have had the argument as you predicted and he has gone to his mom's. God willing this works out, bless you A xxxxx

30-01-17 - Hi A I have to tell you that you, you are such a comfort to me my friend. Firstly the warning about my dad which you predicted has happened he has fallen and I am on my way to see him in hospital now however as you said he is fine. Secondly the man has come back as you said he would acting all sheepish lol. How good if everything happens as fast as it is at the moment, I would be hunky dory lol. Once again god bless you and big hugs xxx K

17-01-17 - Wow Astara he said exactly what you said he was going to say, spooky. I am meeting him tonight!!! I will let you know how I get on. M XXXXX

17-01-17 - Astara I just wanted you to know that I got married last August to the lovely water sign man who you predicted, and I am pregnant now, in a short shocking time scale of being married as you predicted. You are so amazing. Love and light always. Shy xxx

16-01-17 - Hi Astara just to let you know I am finally meeting him tonight lol and he did say exactly what you said he would say. Unbelievable I will let you know how I get on. Thank you xxxx M

16-01-17 - OMG Astara you told me someone would be trying to set me up on a date with a man and you said this is a lady. Well my auntie 2 days ago told me about the man she wants me to meet. You are amazing, you also told me that I would be receiving some unexpected money, and I can't believe it I literally got unexpected money into my account and it was from the past. And it is so spooky how you picked up on me travelling to Australia, I am soo glad I found you. You are so amazing. Jag XXX

13-01-17 - Astara I just had to tell you, you are so amazing... you told me you could see me in the media and 2 people were going to contact me regarding being on a television show. This has actually happened!!! you also said you could see me writing a book and an autobiography, this has happened also, I have been approached to write a book. This is so amazing I am ticking them off, bless you xxxxx Jc

10-01-17 - Astara you were right M did call me and apologized as predicted and still wants to carry on in our relationship. I have told him what I think, he now has to prove himself lol xxxxx S

09-01-17 - I can't believe it everything you said regarding the guy I was interested in has actually happened!!!! He has come forward and opened up about with his feelings towards me. I thought you was barking mad lol we have been together for 4 months and it is fantastic. You are amazing xxxxx

3-01-17 - Omg Astara, He has responded as predicted and he has invited me to spend new years eve with him instead of his mates!!! and you were right about the silly text messages. I will keep you updated. M xxxxx

31-12-16 - Omg Astara R has responded as predicted and has invited me to spend new years eve with him instead of his mates, and you were also right about the saucy text messages lol. I will keep you updated xxxxx Michelle

31-12-16 - Astara your reading that you gave my friend Cheryl back in October has actually happened and we are all in shock!!!! You told her you could see her being completely healthy with nothing being wrong with her, and when she goes to have a check up and tests they will confirm the problem has gone, and the doctors will be scratching their heads over this!!! You also told her she would meet an older guy and you could see 2 children. Well she has met an older guy who is amazing who has a child also as well as her... 2 children. She also went for test 2 weeks after coming to see you and the test results from the scans show no evidence of MS in her brain scans. The head consultant wants a meeting with her because they are dumbfounded!!! we are telling everybody about this and you Astara. You are amazing Astara god bless you xxxxxx J

24-12-16 - Omg Astara you told me a few weeks ago I would be having some work done on my car because you could see me banging the car but not seriously. You were so accurate this actually happened yesterday, wow. J xxxx

23-12-16 - I can't believe you actually picked up on the fact I was going to Australia in 2 weeks as well as everything else. I am in total shock. Bless you. Jag xxxx

21-12-16 - Astara just to let you know, you were right when you saw the water regrading my dog being missing. My dog was sadly found in the river by the house that you described and by the foreign man you saw. Thank you so much for all your help at least I have some peace knowing we can put him to rest. Kath xxxx

22-12-16 - Hi Astara I hope you are well, everything you said back in August 2015 has come true so far. I wish you lots of happiness and success xx Will

20-12-16 - Hello lovely just a quick update for you, you were so right about me moving house very quickly and before Xmas. I am moving 5 days before Xmas lol and you were also right about Nicholas contacting me again. Thank you for all your guidance and patients with me. You have helped me so much thank you xxxx Chantelle

29-11-16 - Omg you were soo right he came back as predicted, and I am going out with the other guy too.
A xxxxx

10-12-16 - Astara as predicted he did contact me!!! at the time you predicted he would. He wants me to go over and see him as predicted. I am nervous!! Thank you always xxxx M

9-12-16 - Astara I just had to let you know I met her yesterday and we got on soo well, she text me today because she wants to see me. I can't believe it, it is just as you predicted, amazing xxxxx J

4-12-16 - Astara everything you predicted about being said between us as actually happened … I am in a state of shock, I don't know how to feel she told me everything as you said would be said. Love and light to you always
Nick xxx

3-12-16 - Astara so many things are happening as you predicted I am literally ticking them off one at a time. You amaze me xxxx J

15-10-16 - Hello Darling,
Just a little update for you, you said that a foreign man would walk into my life before M would come back... and you also told me is birth sign. I have met him, it's early days but how interesting, I will let you know how it goes. Lots of love R xxxxx

13-10-16 - Omg you were soo right Astara... A came back as predicted and I am going out with the other guy too. A xxx

29-11-16 - Omg you were soo right my brother is getting married on the 9th December next month and the girls father has agreed to the marriage. You were so right. Thank you so much huni. Aishah xxxxx

27-11-16 - Astara just to let you know that I did hear of a passing and it was a young guy who I knew. Sad!!! You were also right when you said you could see M being unwell and hospitals around him. I have heard this has happened. I do feel sorry for him. A xxxxx

22-10-16 - Astara you were so right when you said you could see all deception around me and my property. You also said that me and my son was safe!!! Last night someone was trying to break into my house and they messed with the front door handle which is damaged. The police were involved as predicted. Love and light to you and your family Astara and thank you xxxxx Jennie xxx

21-10-16 - Hi Astara it's Pria here, just to let you know you were so right in your reading when you saw me being pregnant. I am pregnant!!! I can't believe it, it's early days just anxious, hoping everything is going OK. Bless you always and thank you xxxx Pria

19-10-16 - Astara you are amazing and you were so right about the darker guy being weird, and the police being involved. I had to call the police to keep him away. Wow J.c xxxxx

19-10-16 - Astara I can't believe it you said around the time of our anniversary we would be brought back together... This has actually happened in the most bizarre way, god bless you always XX N

15-10-16 - Hi Astara, I hope you are well, just to let you know that everything you predicted in March 2015 has come true so far and I am really happy. I wish you lots of happiness and success Will x

7-10-16 - Astara this is a message sent to me from **** about you.... I thought you would be interested in hearing this as I know how hard it is for you waiting for confirmation about L... When I went to see Astara with you she picked up on how I don't get on with my mom and have had a difficult childhood due to my parents breaking up when I was 2 years of age. Astara also picked up on a lot of distance between me and my dad, well my dad lives in Australia and has done for a while. She said there would be a reconciliation with my dad, which I replied No chance!! anyway I have just been told by my auntie that my dad has been in contact and is coming to the UK and wants to meet me. I am in a state of shock!!! M***

15-09-16 - Hi Astara you were spot on when I spoke to you on Tuesday about??? everything you said was confirmed to me. Thank you always for your patience xxxx Kath

11-09-16 - I can't believe you even picked up on my tattoos, the new one's where I am going to have them. This is spooky but brilliant. You were so right about S... I have warned him!!!! Thank you so much Astara xxxxx Joanne

1-09-16 - Amazing reading! I was blown away be in touch soon xxxx C

23-08-16 - I can't believe it you were right again, they broke up when you predicted xxx I hope you are well? Astara I am missing the sessions. I just can't believe how accurate you were with dates as well. Xxx Hannah

3-08-16 - Well you have done it again. My friend is blown away by your accuracy and is so glad that he made the journey up. He was under some pressure which you have now alleviated. Thank you so much. Bless you always. Xx Nick. P.s Mark is still astonished by you and your accuracy!!!

1-07-16 - OMG you are the most accurate reader I have ever used!! M has asked me back and said exactly what you said he would say, I have goosebumps...how accurate you are. I am looking forward to meeting the water sign guy. Thank you huni for being there for me. You are so accurate it is scary xxxxx J.

28-06-16 - Hi huni, you are just too amazing how do you do it???? your predictions were discussed today and have all come true. I got the message and exactly as you said was in the message. You are too good. Luv U xxxx S

16-06-16 - Hi Astara, just to let you know, everything you said and predicted about work 2 weeks ago has come true!!!
xxxxx Pam