Psychic Tarot Reading Questions & Answers

Do not have a tarot reading if you are extremely emotionally charged

Important to note, it would be very inadvisable for any person to have a psychic tarot reading if they are in a highly emotionally charged state, being either really angry or very emotionally upset. This is because you will be breaking the connection being made with me and the chances are you will not be in an open and receptive state to receive the information being given. The only requirements for any person wishing to have a psychic tarot reading is to be open minded and non judgmental.

If any person is found to be extremely emotional during the reading or at least at the beginning of the reading, I will bring the reading to an immediate finish and therefore close the reading, simply because the person will not be receiving anything other then their own personal emotional state of being, which in turn will be a waste. This will also apply for any person who is completely intoxicated when having a tarot reading, I will not proceed with the reading for the same obvious reasons of not being in the right frame of mind to receive the information being given.


I want another psychic tarot reading even though I have recently had one.

Don't become to over obsessive with one particular area as I know this is really hard, but being over obsessive and wanting to have continual readings will not make the predictive events happen any faster, if anything in my personal experience this can actually hold everything else back through a complete lack of trust. Only when the script has unfolded will the script change. However, if more clarity is desired regarding a particular issue then a further reading will be given but then you are expected to live in the meantime and let the events unfold, and ultimately understand that no more readings will be given until the beginning stages of the unfold happens.


I feel really insecure and need another tarot reading.

Do not become co-dependent on a psychic tarot reading in order for you to live your life. Don’t live your life through psychic readings only take the guidelines being given to you from a psychic reading and then live your life. I myself personally will always monitor the amount of readings a person is having and if I feel this is becoming too excessive, I will then limit the amount of psychic readings you have in the future. I do not promote co dependency but will definitely support self empowerment and self reliance through the teachings and guidance I naturally give within a person's reading.


I need a psychic tarot reading because I am depressed and I need a pick me up?

A psychic tarot reading can be very misunderstood in terms of the false expectations people have towards having readings. The purpose of having a psychic reading is to seek some insight and gain the necessary clarity one needs to have to move forward in the most productive way. For any person relying on the psychic to make them feel better would be an unfair and unrealistic expectation to have. It would be through obtaining the right information and then acting immediately on the information given that would make a person feel immediate relief, unfortunately the psychic can't fix anything for you only guide you and point you in the right direction to fixing your self.


Is it ok to have several psychic tarot readings off several different psychics on a continual basis ?

My personal opinion of having several readings continually from different psychic readers is a major pit fall for people. From my experience this can actually create a lot more upset and confusion due to the conflicting pieces of information being given, and therefore the person will end up feeling worse than they did to begin with. It is always positive to have a second opinion, but the idea and purpose should be that you make a successful connection with a psychic reader, and in turn work with the psychic reader, rather then running off to the next psychic who hopefully will give you what you want to hear.

Subsequently this may be hindering your future happiness which may not be the best approach or the most honest approach. Being told things to make you feel happy is not a true psychic tarot reading because this then becomes bias, however if you are told the truth of a situation you will also be given the correct advice.


Can I get a quick 10 min reading whenever I want ?

I work very differently compared to a lot of psychic companies out there, and therefore I have certain guidelines in place which governs the practice and approach of the nature of the business. Myself, unlike many psychic companies will not allow 10 Min Psychic Readings as often as a person wants or any amount of readings as often as a person wishes especially if its considered excessive.