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Psychic Phone Readings

Having psychic phone readings are very convenient which allows you to experience the psychic reading within the comfort of your own personal private setting. Astara is a very experienced International Psychic and her psychic connection is equally amazing over the phone as it is being face to face with her. All psychic phone readings will be as in-depth as a face to face psychic readings.

Astara will tune into your vibration frequencies and energy field which allows for an instant connection being made. Astara will not only give you predicted events but she will also give you the spiritual guidance to accompany the psychic phone readings whilst giving you the necessary tools to take away with you. Astara works with Spirit and Angels and channels messages within her psychic readings.

See Booking Slots Below

20 Min = £ 40.00

30 Min = £ 60.00

45 Min = £ 90.00

60 Min = £ 120.00

Please note To secure your booking once confirmed by telephone, please make payment no later than one hour prior to your appointment. If payment is not received within the time scale the appointment may be given to another client. Also please read the non-cancellation policy before making your booking. Please click here. Thank you