About Astara

Astara has been practicing divination and psychic development for the last twenty years, coupled with Reiki Healing, Chakra balancing techniques and Meditation. Astara is a rare unique lady that has dedicated her spiritual development for the purpose of following her divine calling, self discovery and enlightenment. Astara holds a multitude of spiritual knowledge due to experience, especially the difficulties of walking the spiritual path and the many many processes involved in fully awakening.

Astara`s spiritual journey and awakening came through her psychic abilities which were very apparent from a child but seemingly took a quantum shift when she was around the age of fifteen and sixteen years of age. Astara has experienced many unexplainable paranormal events through out her life, which ultimately lead her onto the journey of seeking answers. Astara is very much a scientist who can explain why things happen and how this is done.

Astara is very well educated in the laws of the universe and the scientific processes of life, such as the Quantum Field of energy and the Quantum world In itself. This was imperative knowledge Astara gained, through the continual seeking and searching for the great answers to life’s mysteries, and without this knowledge being understood and explained, Astara was completely left in the dark. Astara has always had a very strong psychic clairvoyant connection and has been experiencing spirit from a child, however she did not have the knowledge and understanding of what was happening to her or why she was able to see the things she could see.

Subsequently, this became a compelling desire and ambition to seek truth on all levels whilst understanding truth on all levels. This included the workings and operation of Mind, altered states of reality and Higher states of Consciousness. Astara has a vast educational background in the study of Mind, Psychology, Metaphysics and Esoteric practices which followed down the family line from Astara's grandparents and great aunties, who were very popular back in the day holding seances, with the selling feature of spirit manifestation and table topping, clearly making this a family trait.

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However, Astara had a real struggle with accepting this natural part of herself and there is a really funny story of her in the past whereby she decided she would like to try the Red pill instead of the Blue pill which is very similar to the movie, the Matrix. At this particular time in Astara's life she began to experience some very disturbing paranormal events which subsequently left her seeking emergency help. This help came in the form of the church who obviously told her that it was all due to the devil's work and the best and only solution would be to renounce everything with the purpose of all her psychic abilities being taken away.

Important to note, Astara did actually take part in the process for this to happen in the hope that she would then return to some form of normality and a state of ignorance, only to find that her gift became stronger, so this process clearly did not work thank the lord! It actually served her and lead her to the most pressing answers she was seeking at that time, so therefore thanks was given to the church and the ceremony playing a part of her development. Again she went onto journey and found a lot of the answers she was looking for however there are still questions she has without the answers but through her development and commitment she will have the answers no doubt.

Astara understood her higher calling and destiny purpose, which is to help enlighten and awaken as many souls as she possibly can. Astara has great empathy and compassion for the spirit of men/women because she understands the hardships, afflictions and sadness afflicting the beautiful souls of man. Astara is a lot more than a psychic clairvoyant because she is able to relate to people in a very special way and does so in a way that helps people change, and in turn guiding them through there challenges of becoming exceptionally great. You will get so much more than a psychic reading with Astara you will get answers with complete explanations of the why's, how's, and when.

Astara will also give you tools to take away with you after the reading, whilst sharing her knowledge with the intention and purpose of helping people find their way to true happiness, peace and joy. Interesting to note about Astara, is the strong belief and faith in the contrast and adversities afflicting the souls of man, which subsequently serve man for the purpose of soul growth and development which in turn forces growth and change, cause and effect.

This personal truth Astara holds is validated and understood through her very own personal experiences, whereby experiencing insurmountable conflict and adversity in her own life, whilst also experiencing walking the dark knight of the soul. Astara has a great knowing and understanding of the process involved with awakening, and overcoming fear/self through facing fear head on. Astara credits her difficulties as her blessings because without the adversity there could simply be no growth. The adversity forced her to change and ultimately she is now the lady she was preparing to be.

Astara has touched the hearts of the many people she has helped and guided and continues to do so in the very perfect and special way she knows how too. This particular line of work for Astara is not just a job because she has the compelling desire to help as many people she can, by sharing her special knowledge and insight, whilst guiding people out of the dark and into the light. Astara has a compelling ambition to help and assist as many souls spiritually awaken to themselves/source which consequently and inevitably leads a person to find their own way to love and light, peace and joy, happiness and enlightenment.

Astara`s Skill Set & Qualifications





Remote Viewing


Dream Interpretation

Reiki Healing

Tarot Cards

Pendulum Dowsing

Indian Head Massage


 Psychology Advanced Diploma

With Open University


Psychology Diploma

With Open University


Neuro Linguistic Programming Diploma

With BSY Group